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I have never heard anything like this before, but I like it!!! I like the idea that this thing can only make such amazing sounds when the resonator is filled with water… After a day of frustrating/fruitless experiments with the waffle I am beginning to think that water could be an essential ingredient. The chambers of the waffle offer some interesting effects, but factors such as the materiality and size appear to limit the acoustic performance to a buzz… I wonder if I could turn this dry ‘buzz’ into a beautiful ringing with complex harmonic overtones – The waffle won’t go to waste… I’m thinking of casting onto the surface to test its reflective capabilities… I’m also beginning to think that it makes more sense to treat the sound source and the acoustic environment as two separate entities which have a choreographed dialogue, rather than trying to make them become the same thing. This will all come together in the next lot of drawings, models and prototypes… Please excuse the stream of consciousness style blog post… It’s been a long day!


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