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Funded by the Australian Research Council
Event held at UCL Here East - 11th + 12th December 2019

The Sound of Space Symposium was a two day, international mini-conference with presentations and demonstrations from a wide range of industry professionals and academics across architecture, music performance, composition and acoustics. I co-organised the event with Profs. Jane Burry and Mark Burry - with funding from the Australian Research council.

The symposium provided a forum for discussing the challenges, creative opportunities and technical considerations when working with extreme and highly particular spatial conditions, across the related disciplines of architecture, engineering, music composition and performance. The event included talks, presentations, performances and demonstrations from a wide range of academics and industry professionals across music, architecture and engineering. Presenters and performers included Prof. Trevor Cox (Uni.Salford), Fabricio Mattos (Royal Academy of Music), Ben McDonnell (RCA), Profs. Jane & Mark Burry & Pantea Alambeigi (Swinburne Uni.) and Emma-Kate Matthews(UCL)

In particular, the following topics and questions were addressed: Simulated spatial conditions versus real feedback with side by side comparisons - How do we measure invisible phenomena in space, comparing empirical methods with computational and mathematical ones - How do extreme spatial characteristics differ from “normal” ones, in terms of identifying problems and opportunities within extreme spatial conditions - Case studies of projects which respond to specific spatial or sonic conditions. The publication will contain detailed reflections on these key themes, with contributions from symposium presenters and invited others, in addition to an online, digital library of binaural recordings which will supplement the spatially-focussed discussion. The symposium brings together expertise, knowledge and insights from across multiple fields in both academic and practice-based projects and research. A book will be published in late 2020, and will form an important interdisciplinary document within the discussion of constructing and understanding the nature of spatiosonic practice.

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