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Installed at the Groucho Club: Sept 2012

The ribbon rack is a bike stand made from a continuous steel strip. The strip folds at angles of 45 and 90 degrees to create an elegant but robust series of loops onto which bikes can be securely locked at a minimum of two points (wheel and frame).

The ribbon rack is fully rigid once fixed to the wall with countersunk, tamper proof, one-way bolts. It is very low maintenance as it is made from one strip* of metal with very few components needed for assembly and installation.

The piece has a minimal appearance when approached from the ends, owing to the slimline profile of the metal flats. The loops are slightly varied in depth to enable access to bike locks should the rack become full. This gradual variation in depth along its length also creates a dynamic geometry which appears to ‘unfold’ as you walk past.

*Owing to maximum standard lengths of metal flats and multiple reverse folds, the piece contains 5 welded seams in order to make a continuous strip.

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