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Performed at the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona: Dec 2017

Construction 002 is a violin and cello duet, written for two specific sites: the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona and the
Royal Academy of Arts, London. The two spaces have very different acoustics - the space at the RA is very
absorbent with almost no reverberation - by contrast, the Sagrada Familia has a 12 second reverberation
time. This performance tests the capacity of the spaces to have an effect on the perception of musical motifs.
For instance, I hypothesise that the distinct components of a melody become blurred and merge into what
could be perceived as a harmonic construction when played in a highly reverberant space This poses an
important question, of whether architecture has the ability to not only alter the sound of performed music,
but transform the very components of music, as an extension of the instruments which play the piece.

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