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Published on Suckerpunch

The ‘striphouse’ is designed to wrap and twist around the trunk of a coconut palm tree. The stair treads clamp gently onto the tree trunk to provide an ascending, twisting route into the main enclosure, which sits above ground like a cocoon. The cladding consists of twisted plywood strips which assume a natural curve between their top and bottom restraints and appear to peel away from the trunk in a way which mimics the canopy of the palm leaves above. The twisting array of plywood strips, wrap the curved geometry of the interior spaces and as they turn, they articulate a continuum between private spaces and stunning views out towards the paradise landscape. The coconut husk canopy nestles between the plywood strips to offer shading and privacy whilst allowing rainwater to permeate the canopy. With subtle changes to the geometry of the strips, the rainwater is guided towards a central water tank which is suspended at head height below the treehouse to provide a water supply on demand without the need to use electric pumps. The design successfully utilises sustainable building techniques and materials, with the aid of digital production. Build tank have developed parametric tools to shape the building according to behaviours of environmental factors such as water flow, wind direction and sun location.

Competition entry – In collaboration with Wendy Teo Boon Ting

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