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14th +27th May @7/8/9pm

This site-specific, spatialised performance will be performed for Brighton Festival 2022 as part of "Witness Stand" - a project curated by artists Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphries.

"Drift" sonifies a series of sporadic synchronicities inherent in the natural rhythms of Shoreham-On-Sea. The Witness Stand at Shoreham is located within a plexus of connections across rail, road, river and sky. From this site, we are able to witness the slow and reliable pattern of the tide against the faster and more sporadic passing of nearby traffic Much like the ebb and flow of these site-specific events, “Drift” is constantly evolving between moments of intensity which build and recede to mirror this symphony of daily rhythms. The piece is performed through the navigation of a 3D drawing, as though taking a walk through the site. The 3D drawing is a spatial and site-specific score which triggers the unfolding of a number of sonic events, both fast and slow. The result is slightly different each time, but still familiar, much like the twice-daily reorganisation of the riverbed by the tide. Any repetition is subtle and evolving, sounding similar to its previous form, but never the same. The qualities of the sounds used range from low, slow undulating drones which represent the slower rhythms on site, such as the tide and the weather, alongside higher-pitched and more playful sonic events which represent periodic phenomena, such as a burst of sunlight dancing on the water. All of these sounds are produced using instruments that the artist has designed and made. These instruments – or ‘resonant bodies’ – seek to find an acoustic resonance with the site, in order that the resultant artwork nestles within the spectrum of the site’s natural soundscape.

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Composed using RESONANT BODIES

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