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Released on NMC Records 23rd July, 2021

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“The piece begins with a quiet harmony, unsettling and intangible. As the piece develops, individual musical motifs unpredictably overlap and correspond, as if trying to find one other by sounding out the vast spaces between them. The resonant expanse of a Piano cluster chord is reinforced by an omnidirectional drone from the bowed Glockenspiel, and the Clarinet roams between them in search of musical reference points and direction.

Acoustic oscillations, heard in the close intervals within this singing-ringing space, are acknowledged and mimicked by the Clarinet’s microtonal multiphonics and flutter-tongue outbursts. These sound a frustrated attempt to locate some form of tonal anchor, which lies just out of reach. Then finally, nearer but not touching, the Clarinet and Piano begin a more coordinated communication, exchanging melodic themes whilst the Glockenspiel drone maintains a distant but far-reaching plane of reference. Yet, each time these melodic fragments are cast back and forth, something is lost in translation: temporal structures become elastic and harmonies are misregistered and distorted.

A complex resonance results from the intermittent and subtle dovetailing of overtones, which blend during the ringing-out of dissonant harmonic clusters. These occasional moments of correspondence indicate an ongoing desire to communicate, despite the distance that prevents a coherent, unhindered exchange.

Remote Overlap is a musical evocation of the sense of longing and frustration that became acutely familiar during the global pandemic.”


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