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Following my recent site visit to a project I’m currently working on, I thought I would post some favourites from one of my image collections titled “cool site photos of cool projects” – It just so happens that a lot of the images in this folder, show the construction of spectacular, concrete-shell roof structures designed by architect/engineers LUIGI NERVI and FELIX CANDELA.

I’m keeping this post ‘retro’ for the main reason that there is SO MUCH that I could write about the construction of concrete shell structures, especially when I stop to consider the research into applications for FLEXIBLE FORMWORK and CONCRETE CLOTH –  There is certainly WAYYYY more than a blog post’s worth of stuff to write about on this fascinating subject, so to save me getting carried away and writing a 50,000 word post which makes my fingers bleed, I’m going to leave this post at eye candy/concrete nostalgia.

A lot of people still hate concrete as it’s perhaps not currently the most ‘green’ building material out there and it’s still associated with the brutalist aesthetic of Mid 20th Century tower blocks – But I always have, and always will love concrete and I maintain that there is still so much more to be learnt about its behaviour in its various states. Like most of us, it just needs to be understood and treated accordingly, haha!

I didn’t post images of the finished buildings because they are easy enough to find elsewhere  And, just for the record, the project that I’m working is what you might call “concrete shy”…



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