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…the waffle wasn’t behaving how I wanted it to… So I chopped it in half and filled part of it with plaster :) it looks a bit frightening at the moment, but I’m working on transforming it into the most exquisite acoustic space you have ever experienced… Or at least close to that. I really wanted to test it this evening but one of the UCL jazz bands were rehearsing in the room directly above me and – (as fantastic as they sounded) – the so called “sound proof” room I’m based in, failed to keep the noise out, thus ruining my chances of properly testing the latest iteration! Here are some photos anyway to keep things interesting until I can get some noises. Does anyone know of an anechoic chamber or at least sound proofed room which I could use over the next few weeks? (preferably one which is not directly below a rehearsal room!!) I’m going to lock myself away for the next few days and get serious with this waffle until it starts ‘modulating’ sound in the ways I want it to! See you on the other side…


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