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A few months back, I was notified that I had won the RIBA run competition called “Pews and Perches” for which I designed a funky bench for London’s Docklands new Pleasure Gardens. The prize is to fabricate and install the bench in time for the LONDON FESTIVAL OF ARCHITECTURE and of course the London 2012 OLYMPICS. The bench is currently in production and some workshop photos will be published shortly! Until then, add the event to your LFA calendar HERE and follow the events that I’m hoping to attend HERE.

“Long before festivals as we know them today, Pleasure Gardens were summertime venues where people from all walks of life converged for entertainment – to listen to music, amble, drink, flirt, sit and immerse themselves in culture. Public seating is an important part of the Pleasure Gardens concept, allowing people to stop, take in the atmosphere, or just do a spot of people watching.”

[From the LFA website]


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