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My solo EP "Far Flung" will be released on Algebra Records on the 23rd October - woahhhhhh!!! Teaser and info, below...

"The release is available for streaming and in a series of limited edition transparent lathe cut 12”with artwork made by Emma-Kate, that includes a series of music videos featuring a digitally simulated cloth and its physical counterpart, in the form of a handmade textile artwork included with each record.

The Far Flung EP explores a series of conceptual and practical seams between the contrasting themes of synthesised versus acoustic instruments, abstract versus musical sound and digital versus analogue techniques for producing and manipulating sonic content. Eerie drones are interwoven with complex upbeat rhythms, deep layered harmonies and erratic melodies to form an elastic sonic fabric which oscillates between moments of lightweight sonic ambiguity and highly-charged musical statements."


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