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Today was all about refining the moulds which we made yesterday; to create something which would both withstand concrete & look awesome. I continued with the “wobbly, flexible” theme & used some slightly thinner plastic to get a few more curves & twists. The plaster test (pictured) was a bit thick, but kind of worked, had a very shiny finish & some sexy thin bits…. I’ve left the concrete version on the shelf, to set (also pictured) – & will be picking it up later next week… Let’s hope the Lime in the Concrete doesn’t melt/degrade the plastic… It was getting pretty hot when I left (about an hour after pouring). It was also much heavier than the plaster casts (not surprising I guess) & required a few more restraints. No leaks though this time! Yippee! If this works, I’ve got some fun ideas for how to take it forward… I only had 2 days to explore this method, but it’s been enough to know what works and where to push it. Whoo!


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