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Today I noticed that the laser cutter was moving in exactly the same way as my hand when it was etching the lines which I had drawn earlier this week, so I filmed it… I guess it just cuts things in the same order in which they were drawn which makes sense, but whilst it was cutting I had a flashback (excuse the pun) and temporarily thought that my hand was controlling the laser in real time… Imagine that! A haptic laser cutter. I want one. This idea puts me in mind of an ARTICLE I read earlier this week about people replacing dysfunctional limbs with bionic ones. The bionic replacements are potentially much more powerful and useful than the ‘originals’ – as long as the user can learn how to control them, as I believe this ‘bionic replacement’ process requires re-routing of some nerves… My imagination is running wild with the possibilities for augmenting the body in this way, I’m sure lots of people are exploring this… Or at least should be!


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