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I just stumbled across this on DESIGNBOOM – a cool instrument made from a glass bowl, by industrial designer PAZ BROUK.

From the designboom website, here is a description of the project:

“The instrument draws from the sound of church bells but creates its unusual sound from the combined effect of the movement of water, touch and echo of wood upon glass, and vibration of the materials… The bowl of the instrument is blown glass, filled with water and strung unto a long rope that hangs from ceiling to floor. a wooden clapper is attached at the bottom of the rope, to be tapped lightly against the bowl during use. users control the pitch of the instrument by striking and tilting the glass at different angles, causing the water to move and alternately rise and fall from the side walls of the glass. different initial levels of water will also produce different effects.”

Cool! I wonder how it would affect the sound if you also varied the thickness of the glass shell, or made it a different shape so that water can pool in some areas and not others… The sound reminds me a bit of the HYDROPHONE and glass ringing EXPERIMENTS which I posted earlier this year! I like the water sloshing sound you get with it too towards the end…


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