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Today the Fabricate conference began at the Bartlett! I will be working as an usher over the next 2 days and witnessing some of this:

“FABRICATE will bring together pioneers in design and making within architecture, construction, engineering, manufacturing, materials technology and computation. Discussion on key themes will include: how digital fabrication technologies are enabling new creative and construction opportunities, the difficult gap that exists between digital modeling and its realization, material performance and manipulation, off-site and on-site construction, interdisciplinary education, economic and sustainable contexts.” [source]

I’m sure I’ll post a few words about the conference after the weekend! More info about the mysterious wall-building robotic creature in image above right HERE

In other news… After an intense week of pure hard-grafting, waffle MKII has finally been designed, tweaked, drawn, processed and is ready for fabrication as soon as I get a decent quote back for laser cut steel!! Watch this space…


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