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And neither can I! I don’t normally post news bulletins on my blog, but this has to be an exception! According to ARCHITIZER, Christo – and the late Jeanne Claude – have just been granted permission to wrap the Colorado River in a 42 mile long stretch of Fabric, hung by cables! This will be C+JC’s largest work to date and will without a doubt be incredible. The images above are C+JC’s collages which formed the proposal for this spectacular project called “OVER THE RIVER” .

Last year, I wrote an article called “The Enrobed Body: Issues of dressing and identity in the case of the Wrapped Reichstag” which set out to analyse Christo+Jeanne Claude’s piece titled “THE WRAPPED REICHSTAG” My article questioned how cultural meaning + identity of a monumental building such as the Reichstag (with such a rich history) becomes revealed/concealed when it gets ‘dressed’ – but before I go crazy and re-write the whole abstract, I’ll just say that the article is web-bound in the next few weeks and I will post a link to it on this blog so you can read it (if you so wish!)

C+JC’s collages are so beautiful and full of HUGENESS!! I really can’t wait to see this realised – wrapping a building is one thing, but placing a veil over something as dynamic as a river for over 42 miles, is just mind blowing… I really can’t wait!


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