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Yesterday marked the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. Last night I watched a fascinating documentary called INTO ETERNITY which was about Finland’s nuclear waste storage facility which consists of a tunnel 5km long, reaching 500m deep into the ground beneath the ONKALO site. The waste which is buried deep in this “hiding place” must remain undisturbed for 100,000 years. That’s quite a challenge for the architects, engineers, construction workers etc… who have the epic task of designing and building this giant cemetery for nuclear rods. To quote the documentary “nothing built by man has lasted even a tenth of that time span”. Within this time, it is expected that we will experience another ice age which will put immense pressure on the earth which sits above the tunnel… Will humans still walk the earth at that point? If we do, would the tunnel become forgotten? This documentary, directed by Michael Madsen, is illuminating, fascinating and beautifully shot. Certainly worth watching. Read more HERE


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