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So, a few weekends ago I went to Copenhagen and I saw THIS building by architect Peder Vilhelm Jensen-Klint (more about this man HERE). Grundtvigs Kirke is a building that I have been told to visit for many years by many people and I’m glad that I finally did. My photos don’t quite capture just how cool it is. It’s made entirely from one type of brick (floor, walls, vaults, everything) which made for some interesting details and it ‘sounds’ incredible. There was a HUGE pipe organ at one end which I wasn’t lucky enough to hear in action, but I can guarantee that it sounds awesome. One loud clap lasted around 12 seconds (I bet the other visitors loved me walking around clapping like a maniac!) The light was fantastic too – I think it had something to do with the long thin windows, low angle of the sun and warmth of the yellow brick. The church sits at the end of a long tree lined axis which runs alongside a very orderly looking cemetery (I didn’t walk too far down this pathway, it was too cold), but you can see the layout and the shadow of the tree lined pathway on Google maps right HERE and my pic above in which you can just about see the church aligned nicely at the end (this is an area with a lot of verticality going on!). I could write an essay about this building, but I’ll save that for a later date as it’s 3am and I need to get some sleep, but all in all Grundtvigs Kirke is an amazing building and certainly worth a visit. I need to visit more great buildings, pictures + drawings just aren’t enough. Suggestions on a postcard please…


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